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One of Australasia’s leading small-middle market executive search and recruitment firms.

Working in partnership with our clients, Q Consulting Group is an executive search firm that provides a tailored solution to identify talent who can perform in your business and its specific environment.

We develop integrated talent acquisition solutions that enable an accurate and non-biased assessment of each candidate’s suitability. This means you only ever meet with candidates who can achieve the desired results and outcomes associated with the role and your business.

Who are Q?

Who are Q?

Q Consulting Group was launched in 2003 and has established itself as one of Australasia’s leading search and selection firms. We have worked with a wide variety of organisations ranging from high growth organisations, small-medium enterprises, not-for-profits and start-ups. We help you to hire the top 1% of talent to achieve measurable outcomes that create significant value to your business.

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Talent Acquisition Strategies

Talent Acquisition Strategies

Q Consulting believes there are attributes that will help identify individuals with the highest potential.

Most individuals display these qualities, especially during an interview. Only those individuals who consistently display these qualities constitute the top 1% of leadership talent. They are able to succeed in a business landscape which is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

Find out how we identify, engage, assess and acquire talent.

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Case Studies

Case studies & testimonials

At Q Consulting Group, we strive to give our clients the best recruitment experience possible. We think we do a good job, but it is what our clients think that matters most to the team.

We understand that results count and that our reputations are only as good or as bad as the candidates we present to clients.

Here are some of our more recent placements:

  • Group Financial Controller ($200,000) at a high growth, privately owned digital technology enterprise with a global footprint.
  • NSW Sales Manager ($180,000) at a high growth, privately owned and medium sized auto-parts distributor with a national footprint.
  • Chief Information Officer ($250,000) at a high growth, privately owned, medium sized retail, technology, property and marketing group.
  • Head of Finance ($250,000) at a high growth ASX-listed cloud technology group with global growth
  • Corporate Taxation Manager ($200,000) at a large Japanese financial services group.
  • Head of IT ($150,000) at an ASX-listed building products group with a national footprint.
  • Chief Executive Officer ($250,000) at a privately owned manufacturing company
  • Head of Information and Communication Technology ($150,000) at a  prestigious arts establishment
  • Group Financial Controller ($250,000) at an ASX-listed professional services group growing though acquisition
  • Head of Demand and Supply Planning Manager ($185,000) at a global PE backed technology group
  • Head of Procurement ($200,000) at a large financial services group to set up division from scratch
  • Chief Financial Officer – ($250,000) at a high growth privately owned software distributor.
  • Director of Account Management ($180,000 ) at US owned SAAS technology group.
  • Human Resources Manager ($170,000) at a global professional services group
  • Head of Strategy and Pricing ($200,000) at a US technology group
  • Senior Manager – Projects and Finance Strategy ($175,000) at a PE backed multi sector group.
  • Chief Financial Officer ($250,000) for a global technology group

Learn about more case studies and testimonials of some of our assignments.

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