Q Consulting Group (Q) is a boutique executive search and recruitment firm that helps small to medium sized enterprises identify and acquire the top 1% of talent. Q specialise in supporting the board and management teams of these businesses in identifying, assessing and hiring the right talent to achieve specific business outcomes.

We are best equipped to support:

  • High growth companies.
  • Organisations undergoing major transformation.
  • International companies establishing a presence in Australia.
  • Digital/technology start-ups looking to enter the next stage of growth/maturity.

Q deliver tailored solutions for:

  • Executive, senior and middle management assignments.
  • Interim and business turnaround assignments.
  • Projects and consulting.

How Q help you hire the best talent

Q offer a unique talent acquisition solution. Working in partnership with our clients, we align the search process to identify talent who can achieve the desired results and outcomes associated with the role. Working in tandem with our clients, Q develop an integrated recruitment process that enables an accurate and non-biased assessment of each candidates suitability. We have identified four distinct areas in which our expertise truly adds value to your talent acquisition strategy, ensuring you get the right people for your business.