Resume advice for the digital age.

Google will now penalise websites that are not mobile friendly – do you realise the same has been happening to your resume for the last two years?

As our work habits shift from desktop to smart phones and tablets it is highly likely that your resume will be first viewed on a smart phone (vs on paper or a computer screen) but is your resume smart phone friendly? Here are a few tips to ensure your resume has sufficient impact to gain an interview.

1. SOAP – Say it On A Page

If you can’t tell a potential employer why they should meet you on the first page then your resume is wasted. Research has shown that decisions to interview candidates are made within the first six seconds of reviewing the resume.

2. List achievements – not responsibilities

Quantifiable achievements (ideally with a $ in front) make you stand out from the crowd. Demonstrating you can save or make money for a business will give a prospective employer greater inclination to want to meet you than you simply providing them with your current job description.

3. Simple is best

Images, tables and funky designs do not make you a more attractive hiring proposition. Try reading your 10,000 words of text in tables, or pie chart and skills matrix on a smart phone and you will likely find it very difficult to read (and dreadfully boring). Google assess mobile friendly sites on how easy the content is to read, the size of font and the number of words on a page. White space is good.

Dispense with table formatting and avoid logos, icons and funky fonts. It may look great on your big screen at work but the formatting rarely transfers well to a hand held device.

4. Make it easy for a potential employer to contact you

Your name, mobile number and an email address are the only details any prospective employer needs at this stage. Make your contact details highly visible at the top of your resume.

5. Test

Once completed, email your resume to yourself and open on your smart screen. If you have difficulties reading the content then continue to optimise until you find a format of resume that is easy to read and pleasing on the eye.