How the next generation is changing the workforce – an interview with Josh Vernon

In a few of my interviews last year, the changing relationship between employers and their staff was a recurring theme. While technology is driving big changes in the way things are done, it’s also having an indirect (and sometimes direct) impact on the expectations of employees. More and more we’re seeing the rewards businesses can reap for focusing on the well-being of their staff.

In light of that, I want to share a recent conversation with Josh Vernon. Not only is he an example of how the next generation are blazing their own working path, he’s also created a business that enables other businesses to help their staff improve their financial situation. Josh is 22 and his insights into the modern working world are inspiring.

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The changing nature of success

The changing nature of success – A conversation with Doug MacColl

After my last article on the future of finance roles, Doug MacColl got in touch to tell me about some of the trends he’s noticed in IT and Finance. 

He spoke about how they’re impacting the way he hires and also the way his teams operate. I was interested to understand more about how these new tools and technologies have changed his definition of success on a personal and business level.  

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