The changing nature of success

The changing nature of success – A conversation with Doug MacColl

After my last article on the future of finance roles, Doug MacColl got in touch to tell me about some of the trends he’s noticed in IT and Finance. 

He spoke about how they’re impacting the way he hires and also the way his teams operate. I was interested to understand more about how these new tools and technologies have changed his definition of success on a personal and business level.  

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Finance jobs of the future – Schalk van der Westhuizen

A conversation with Schalk van der Westhuizen

Finance roles have seen some of the greatest amount of change over the last few decades thanks to technology. It started with fairly simple software that altered the way people performed their roles and is now expanding to actually change the way the roles are defined.

I want to share this conversation with Schalk van der Westhuizen, not only because he has seen this with his background as an accountant, but also because he’s currently working through it in more recent roles as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of global companies.

Here’s what he had to say about the impact of technology in his world and also his outlook for the future.

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