Who’s leading the way in 2019?

As we enter the half-way point of 2019, I thought it might be interesting to discuss some of the companies that I’ve seen pushing the boundaries and seeing success this year. Often people think about innovation as something that’s completely unexpected, but the greatest impact may not be from creating something entirely new – it can be from enhancing something we’re all familiar with.

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Skills and values for the workforce of the future

In my last two posts I’ve spoken about ways the workforce is changing thanks to new technologies. Given all this change, it can be difficult to conceptualise how best to help the next generation prepare themselves for a new era.

For example, in a world where existing skills seem to matter less than the ability to develop new ones, the role of revered institutions such as universities are under question. After all, when a 12 year old can begin teaching himself or herself to code in the summer before high school, is there a role for tertiary education that costs significantly in regards to both time and money?

I still see degrees as holding value, at the very least as a proof point of intellect and a development of problem solving skills. But as rapid change becomes the new normal, there are soft skills and values that can also equip the next generation. Here are the ones I see helping candidates stand out.

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What are the technologies of the future?

In my last post I talked about how technology is shaping the workforce. There are a number of technologies driving this change and the types of change we’re seeing are astonishing.

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