Career Management Masterclass – Part 1

Identifying your talents and turning them into a career.

In this first part of the Career Management Masterclass, I want to share with you an exercise that can act as a catalyst for major change in the direction of your career.

Figuring out what actually matters to you

The biggest mistake I see people make when deciding on a change in job or career, is that they ask themselves really ordinary questions.

When it comes to identifying what we want, most people tend to focus on job title, sector, culture and salary.

By asking better questions you have more chance of unearthing what you are truly looking for.

We have entered the most exciting time in the history of mankind – making NOW the most exciting time to be thinking about your career. There are unprecedented, realistic possibilities for people to harness their talents and turn them into a career or careers.

If you take only one piece of advice from our Career Management Masterclass, please take the time to do this exercise.

So print off the question sheet below, head to the beach with a pen and your question sheet, switch off the mobile, slow it down and write down your thoughts. And remember, be honest with yourself. This is for no one else but you.

In the next part of the masterclass we will show you how to take those answers and turn them into the most comprehensive career plan you’ve ever had.

Download the Identify your talents questions list below.

Identify your talents